About Me

Hello. I am Abdus, a final-year undergrad and a passionate developer. I have been working with web technologies for around 3+ years! Apart from web technologies, I like to play around with GNU/Linux, support open-source technologies with all my heart, and code in Rust. Cryptography excites me very much!

I am good at JavaScript and its ecosystem. I am well-versed in coding back-end with Node.js. For database I prefer to use MongoDB, but I am educated in SQL as well. PostgreSQL among all other SQL database is my favourite!


I have profiles in couple of social media platforms. Here I am listing them for your convenience.

PGP Key.

I have my PGP key uploaded to keys.openpgp.org with key-id 0xEB3966E37BA3DFD8. You can directly download the public key from here. Key fingerprint is EB39 66E3 7BA3 DFD8

I have known Abdus for about 2 years now as he has helped me manage a community of 80,000 programmers and engineers. I can always rely on Abdus to be professional, but more importantly his work ethic and always being available to help out with the community is what sets him apart. If you have an opportunity to work with Abdus, you are among the lucky ones. One of the most reliable people I know.

— Andrei Neagoie - Founder, Zero to Mastery

Abdus is a geek and has a keen eye on details. He has shown an amazingly high execution speed on the tasks assigned. It surely will be an enriching experience to work with Abdus.

— Devyesh Tandon - Co-Founder & CTO, Mailmodo

Abdus is one of the most sincere young software engineer we have worked with. Besides being good at understanding the problem, he goes deep in to looking for the solution himself. I am sure with his hard work and grit, he is going to succeed always in his life.

— Aquibur Rahman - Founder, Mailmodo
btw, I use Arch™️
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