June 01, 2019

GSSoC'19 - My Experience!

GirlScript Summer of Code, aka GSSoC, is an initiative taken by GirlScript Foundation Pvt Ltd to expose newbie/experienced coder/programmers to open-source software development.

GirlScript Summer of Code Logo

This is the second time I am participating as an open-source contributor and both of the time, I have enjoyed it really well! And I am looking forward to GSSoC'20 as well!

How did I get into it

I get to know about GirlScript Summer of Code through a friend of mine. Then filled-up participant's form via the official website with all necessary details like Github profile etc. Then, all I could do was, wait!

Choosing the Right Project

After joining their Slack workspace(they sent it via email), we had around a week or two for interacting with fellow participants, mentors. And we had to choose a project(s) where we want to contribute. Being a JavaScript Developer with proficiency in NodeJS, I could either go for a web-based project or a NodeJS based project. I had many options but I chose to go for a Node-based project, npm/mathball. I chose this because I wanted to be more comfortable with NodeJS.

Mathball is a JavaScript library for competitive programming, implementing optimized algorithms for faster execution.

Following are the awesome people(with contribution count) who contributed to MathBall project:



I really, really enjoyed working under GSSoC! The most important thing is, I got a community full of like-minded people who are always ready to help you out whenever you need some help! Isn't that amazing!?

A big Thank You to GirlScript for helping developers like me getting into open-source!