Hello. I am Abdus, a final-year undergrad and a passionate developer. I have been working with web technologies for around 3+ years! Apart from web technologies, I like to play around with GNU/Linux, support open-source technologies with all my heart, and code in Rust. Cryptography excites me very much!

I am good at JavaScript and its ecosystem. I am well-versed in coding back-end with Node.js. For database I prefer to use MongoDB, but I am educated in SQL as well. PostgreSQL among all other SQL database is my favourite!


I have profiles in couple of social media accounts. Here I am listing them for your convenience.

PGP Key.

I have my PGP key uploaded to keys.openpgp.org with key-id 0xEB3966E37BA3DFD8. You can directly download the public key from here. Key fingerprint is EB39 66E3 7BA3 DFD8