Abdus Samad Azad

Intern at Algorisys Technologies Pvt Ltd

Full-Stack Developer in Making! I have been into web development for 2+ years. I build things with JavaScript. If you're looking for someone to code with/collaborate or simply talk about programming, you're welcome to send me a message through Twitter or Telegram .

Solo Project

Chat App

A chat application built using NodeJS, JavaScript, MongoDB and Express. I have used socket.io for implementing web-sockets.
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Group Project


ZeroBot is a discord bot for Zero to Mastery community. This Bot is currently powering 60,000+ users.
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Group Project

AOC Website

Advent of Code showcase website for ZtM. It lists code solutions submitted by participants.
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Solo Project

Movie Wiki

Movie Wiki is a website built for searching for different kind of movies from all industries.
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many more on GitHub

Life So Far...

September, 2019 - Current

Intern at Algorisys

Started working as a remote Intern for Algorisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I mostly work with React and Node.
May, 2018

Community Volunteer

I took 'The Complete Web Developer in 2018 - Zero to Mastery'. Turned out it is one of the best courses on Udemy, taught by one of the best Instructors. I got a chance to manage online community(currently, 60K+ members) of that course(thanks to Andrei).
May, 2017

Hello World

Started Learning Software Development! Started with C Language, moved to JavaScript after half-a-year.
April, 2017

Started Bachelor's Degree

I enrolled for Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications. For the first time, I started doing something I really love.

I am Looking for a Full-Stack Position. Are you hiring?

Let's Talk


You can contact me using mail@abdus.xyz. See all of my projects on github.com/thisisAbdus. Tweet me at @thisisAbdus about anything you'd like to know! My updated resume is available here.